Face Mask Black  FREE DELIVERY
Face Mask Black  FREE DELIVERY
Face Mask Black  FREE DELIVERY


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Face Mask Black 

Our masks are designed to protect every inhale you take from harmful particles such as: emissions, allergies, dust or other harmful airborn particles. The mask is perfect for casual commute, cycling, hiking or traveling. Lightweight and breathable material ensures the ability to wear the masks continuously without disturbance and what more can be folded and put away easily.

Masks are washable and allow for a piece of mind every time you wear it. In terms of washing we advise handwashing with soap water. Simply dip the mask into soap water for few minutes and squeeze it out. Leave it to out and once dry it is ready to go. We do not advise machine washing as this will drastically reduce the longevity of the product. 

Features and further details

  • Quality: These masks are soft, skin-friendly and breathable, ideal for people with skin sensitive allergies.
  • Convenience: Mouth mask are not disposable but are eco-friendly masks that can be washed and used repeatedly. It has a shape memory effect that does not lose its shape even after repeated washing