4 Pack AA Panasonic Zinc Power Carbon Batteries
4 Pack AA Panasonic Zinc Power Carbon Batteries
4 Pack AA Panasonic Zinc Power Carbon Batteries

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4 Pack AA Panasonic Zinc Power Carbon Batteries

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4 Pack AA Panasonic Zinc Power Carbon Batteries Genuine Super Quality Duty 1.5V




✔️ These batteries are environmentally friendly.
✔️ Economical power for low drain devices
✔️ These Panasonic 4 x AA Batteries provide you excellent results every day. 
✔️ Designed specifically for professional use. 
✔️ This battery can easily handle most equipment for long-lasting power and high performance.
✔️ A high-quality Panasonic AA battery is economical and ‍reliable.
✔️ All batteries are fresh, highly dependable, and delivering long-lasting power.
✔️ No mercury, no cadmium and no lead added.
✔️ Brand: Panasonic
✔️ Chemical Composition: Zinc Carbon
✔️ Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
✔️ Capacity: 2800mAh
✔️ Weight: 22.67g
✔️ Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 130°F
✔️ Technology: Simple and reliable
✔️ Used For: TV Remote, Toy, Game Controller, Digital Camera, Torch, LED Light, CD MP3 Player, etc.
Package Included:
✔️ 4 x AA Genuine Panasonic AA Zinc Carbon Batteries
The Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 are a set of dry cell batteries featuring a carbon zinc cell that interacts with manganese, powdered carbon, and oxide to deliver a steady source of power. The batteries' voltage is 1.5v and their shelf life is approximately 36 months.

The Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 are low power output batteries that have been created to be used with devices and appliances that do not have high power requirements. Typical uses for these batteries include (but are not limited to) low-drain devices such as wall clocks, remote control units, transistor radios, and low-capacity torches (i.e. those not exceeding 2,100mAh). A key benefit of zinc batteries is their cost-effectiveness, as they have a low cost per hour given their low energy density (1-2 watt hours / cubic inch).

These Panasonic Zinc carbon batteries are mercury and lead-free and are available in packs of 4 units. This pack size is ideal to be kept around the house as a backup and offers other advantages, including easy storage and convenience.
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