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Grippo Tube

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Grippo Tube

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Henselite Grippo Tube

Henselite Bowls Grippo 40 Gram Tube - the biggest selling Bowls Polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply & assists with grip from the convenient screw cap (with piercer) tube. The formula remains unchanged for over 50 years: well why change it when it's as reliable and successful as this?

Product Description

A lawn bowls polish which assists with the grip of a Bowl.

When used regularly it will provide a high gloss finish on Bowls.

Protects against wear and moisture and maintains the surface of the Bowl.

Provides long lasting additional-grip for all occasions.

Directions: Apply sparingly to surface of Bowl, allow to dry, polish with soft Bowl Cloth or Polishing Sleeve.

For extra grip & control, use also on fingers & hand.

Grippo has been on the market for years and has been found to be one of the best products for making sure you have a great grip on your bowl. No sticky mess on your hands like some brands. Simply put a small amount on the bowl and rub it all over the surface. Let it dry and then give a buff up. This gives a smooth surface and you will notice the difference in grip as soon as you lift the bowl.


No sticky hands or messy bowls.Easy to use and polishes bowls to a  nice shine.
Will improve the grip and improve your game.
Comes in handy tubes.


Customer Reviews

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Fast and reliable delivery

I ordered 5 Henselite Bowls Grippo and they arrived quickly and well packaged.

Brent B
5 stars.

Fast delivery great service

Adam Kenny
Excellent Delivery Times

Struggled to find some Grippo for my Dad to use for bowls, Amazon and any place I searched didn’t have it! Mayor did however, order placed on the Sunday and it arrived to a very happy OAP on the Wednesday