Benross Classic Retro Vintage Style Home Telephone- Red
Benross Classic Retro Vintage Style Home Telephone- Red
Benross Classic Retro Vintage Style Home Telephone- Red

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Benross Classic Retro Vintage Style Home Telephone- Red

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Benross Classic Retro Vintage Style Home Phone - Red | 44510

The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. This modern throwback to the good old days that will get anyone who sees it talking. The vintage style retro phone available in Red has a push button set of numbers set around the dial where you used to have to pull the dial round with your finger for each number with the chance that if you didn't go far enough it would dial a wrong number. This takes that concern away but keeps the style and even has a mechanical bell ringer like back in the day.
This gorgeous vintage style telephone is perfect for any household interior and style. There is a mechanical ringer as well as high/ low volume settings to suit your needs and preferences. The push dial buttons allow you to easily use this phone as well as use the handy redial function if needed. Simply plug into a standard home wall socket and you are set to go!

This vintage antique phone is very retro, which gives you super clear communication without noise and decorates your home to make it look classic. And the push-button dial makes it more convenient and easy to use.


  • Suitable for: living room, bedroom, bar, clubhouse, etc.
  • Stylish retro design
  • Strong and classic red color
  • Traditional rotary dial design with push-button features
  • Compatible with modern phone sockets and fiber routers


Brand New 

1970s Retro RED

Vintage Telephone 

Classic Desk Phone 

Handset Rotary Dial 




Features & Specifications
·              Iconic British ‘70s styling
·              Traditional bell ring
·              Rotary dialling mechanism
·              Touch tone
·              Works on any standard home telephone line
·              Compatible with modern telephone system