Aero Flex Comfitpro Mens Lawn Bowls Shoe - white/red

Aero Flex Comfitpro Mens Lawn Bowls Shoe - White/Red

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Aero Flex Comfitpro Mens Lawn Bowls Shoe. The world's biggest selling bowls shoe. Quality men's bowling shoe suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Using a 3 part outer-sole of our design including leather, micro-fibre and material, the shoes flex in the front for ease of bending, and give arch support that you'll really notice.

The back of the shoe has been specially developed with a measured counter to provide perfect lateral support for correct gait. 

Features include specially moulded EVA inner soles for odour reduction and exceptional comfort. The outer material has been updated from the original Flex so that the shoes can be wiped down after use if required. This product has Scotchgard protector. Protections for life's possibilities. Makes cleaning easier. Durable resistance to oil & water spills. Keeps leather looking good longer.

Available in UK sizes 7 to 13.